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Written at 16:54 on Monday, May 31

エンジェルビーツ Angel Beats!

In a world after death, angels fight for their fate and their future. Yuri, the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen, rebels against the god who destined her to have an unreasonable life. On the other hand, Tenshi, the chairperson of the student council for the world after death, battles against the SSS members. SSS members utilize armed weaponry to battle it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers. (taken from MAL)

藍より青し Ai Yori Aoshi

Kaoru Hanabishi, a college student who lives alone, met a beautiful but bewildered girl dressed in a kimono at a train station. He volunteered to guide her way to the address she was looking for, which happened to be in his neighborhood, but turned out to be an empty lot. Not knowing what to do next, Kaoru invited the devastated girl to his apartment and asked for any additional clues to her destination. She supplied him with a photo of two children whom Kauru immediately identified as himself and Aoi Sakuraba, his childhood friend. It turned out that the girl in front of him is Aoi Sakuraba herself, his betrothed fiancee who came all the way to Tokyo to marry him. Her revelation was not only surprising but also reminded the deepest part of Kaoru's memory for why he left the Hanabishi family in the first place. (taken from MAL)

藍より青し~縁~ Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~

Two years after meeting Aoi, Kaoru and gang are still up to their normal habits. Koaru now in grad school and the tenents being as rowdy as ever what will become of Aoi and Kaoru's love.

Two years has passed since Aoi and Kaoru were freed from the bonds of their families. They continue to live their normal lives with their usual friends in their house. (taken from MAL)

Got back my results on Saturday .
i got L1R4: 18 points :B
rank: 4th in class and level ^^
as usual Firdaus is the top, good for him .
today O Levels Chinese @_@
yesterday last minute revision xD
found a lot of formats for different type of 公函 :D
i think the author is a teacher .
it's super useful :D
Paper 1 first then followed by Paper 2 .
did question 1 and 5 for Paper 1 .
i studied the 表扬 format for 公函, heng ah~!
managed to complete both papers :D
went home and heard from Brandon that Arie posted O Levels answers for Paper 2 MCQ .
went to take a look, and i got 22/30 :P
tomorrow going back to school ):
i want Shinpei, Nao and Kai's DRUMSTICK D:
Angel Beats! VERY NICE !


Detective Conan

Written at 14:01 on Friday, May 28

名探偵コナン Detective Conan

Kudo Shinichi is a seventeen year-old high school detective whom people call the "Modern Sherlock Holmes." However, one night after a date with his childhood sweetheart, Ran, Shinichi witnessed an illegal trade and, caught off his guard, was knocked unconscious and fed a drug that was supposed to kill him... but he woke up and found himself shrunken to a seven year-old. In order to track down the men who did this to him, Shinichi hid his identity and lived with Ran, whose father happened to be a hopeless detective, and with that came a series of murders and mysteries that he must solve. (taken from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 1: The Timed


Taking the original story of Detective Conan, this first Conan film follows his adventures as he struggles to find and capture a mad bomber who's loose in his home town. Chasing bomb after bomb, Conan must stop him before he destroys a skyscraper in the middle of the city, which has the potential to cause millions of dollars in damage and kill hundreds. Who's planting the bombs? What are his motives? Gather clues with Conan and find out! (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 2: The

Fourteenth Target

Ran has a nightmare about her mother dying, but starts to remember what really happened involving herself, her mother, and her father from 10 years ago. Meanwhile, people are being injured by a certain culprit. Conan soon realizes that these people all have some kind of relation to Mouri, and that they all had a number in their name corresponding to a playing card and were being targeted in order, from the king down to the ace. The police soon decide that a murderous card dealer who just got out of jail and wanted revenge on Mouri is behind it. However, as injuries become murders and it is a race to predict who the next victims will be, Conan soon finds that the truth is something completely different, while learning about the incident from 10 years ago in the process. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 3: The Last

Wizard of the Century

Kaitou Kid announces to the police that he intends to steal the Russian Imperial Easter Egg, which is currently being held in Osaka. As Conan pursues his rival, he discovers that there's more to this case then simply stopping a robbery. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 4: Captured in

Her Eyes

A series of murders have occurred with police officers as victims. One of the officers is shot right in front of Ran's eyes, and the shock of the incident causes Ran to lose her memory of everyone and everything around her. Now Conan must help Ran regain her lost memories, while also protecting her from the murderer, who is targeting Ran for witnessing the crime. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 5: Countdown to


As a pair of towers in Tokyo are being prepared for their grand opening, there is a series of murders of people connected to the towers. Conan suspects that the mysterious Syndicate may also be involved. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 6: The Phantom

of Baker Street

Conan was invited to a party with many other guests. They were there to test a new virtual game system, when a murder mystery occured. Now Conan must go into the game system to figure out who the murderer is with the help of the famous book character Sherlock Holmes. The lives of 49 kids testing the game are in his hands. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 7: Crossroad in

the Ancient Capital

Mouri Kogoro is called to a special case in the ancient capital of Kyoto. There, Conan meets Heiji and they team up once again to solve the case, recover the stolen Healing Buddha statue, and even discover the identity of Heiji's first love. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 8: Magician of

the Silver Sky

Kaito Kid strikes again in this new annual installment of the Detective Conan movies. An actress asked for Mouri Kogoro to protect a precious jewel of hers which Kid has vowed to steal. On the day of the theft, Kaito Kid dressed up as Shinichi and matched wits with Conan, and fled in the end. To thank them, the actress invited Kogoro and family and friends to Sapporo, but a bigger scheme, and a great emergency is just about to unravel high above the clouds in the plane that they're taking... (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 9: Strategy

Above the Depths

15 years ago, Daiichi Yachiyo Maru, a cargo ship, was crashed into a large iceberg in northern the Pacific Ocean, and sank. The captain and a crew were died.
Now, in Nishitama, a ship designer of Yatsushiro Shipbuilder, which belonged to Yatsushiro Financial Combine, was suffered from a sudden hart attack while he was driving, and died in a traffic accident.
Six months has passed since then. Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are enjoying their trip in the Aphrodite. The Aphrodite is a luxury liner, and it is sailing for the Pacific Ocean as its maiden voyage. However, there is a suspicious person, and finally a murder occurs.
It is the beginning of a horrible plot occurred in the ocean where there is no place to escape from. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 10: Requiem of

the Detectives

Kogoro and Conan came to Yokohama according to a request from a mysterious man. But that was a trap of this man. Ran and the Detective Boys will be taken as hostages. If they don`t solve the request of the man within 12 hours, the bombs attached to the hostages will explode. Furthermore, the man know that Conan`s true identity is Kudo Shinichi. Also Hattori Heiji, the High School Detective of the West, and Kaito Kid enter the stage. Will they be able to solve the mystery within the time limit and save Ran and the others? And who in the world is the client? (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 11: Jolly Roger in

the Deep Azure

The Isle of Koumi, a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean. On the island, people pass an old legend down from generation to generation that there was the Seabed Palace, an ancient ruin at the bottom of the sea, where the treasure of 2 female pirates, Anne Bonnie & Mary Reed (who really existed 300 years ago), was left. When Conan and his friends visit Koumi Island while on vacation, they meet some treasure hunters. There was something suspicious about them. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 12: Full Score of


Serial murders involving all kinds have happened. All the victims are from a Music School led by a famous pianist. Conan and company have been invited to a opening concert of the Music Hall built by the pianist. The biggest attraction of this concert is the world famous violin called "Stradivarius" and a special appearance of a singer who has perfect pitch. (take from MAL)

Detective Conan Movie 13: The Raven


In the latest Conan movie, detective Edogawa Conan will once again face off against the Men in Black in a fated showdown. In this movie will be the beginning that the Men in Black left the case that Shinichi died in their new drug that published in their organization, but now they seen the truth that he lives as a kid now. They begin to scramble to pursuit Edogawa Conan and kill him to shut him up, so that their Organization will not exposed. Not just him, all related to him will be killed including Ran. (take from MAL)

waiting for Detective Conan Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky :D
there are 5XX episodes of Detective Conan @_@
I'm still at episode 131 D:
getting back report book tomorrow(:
i tried calculating my overalls,
i got 1 C5, 1 B4 and 4 B3 .
L1R4 : 17 points
i from 9 points dropped to 13 then now 17 =.=
seriously must study harder =.=
but it's quite accurate ,
the teachers said that every subject will drop by 2 grades,
all my subjects really dropped by 2 grades ._____.
except humanities, i improved by 2 grades ^^
Moday O Level Chinese @_@ *bang wall*
Saki, Shiro, Kiwi, Yumi and Era maybe going to the event ^^
i haven complete my art pieces @_@
3 more to go DDDD:
haven complete my draft :/
must complete by Sunday, I MUST!
DPA is round the corner ~!
SP media and communication COP 12 points O_O
i prefer Digital Media ^^
which is still 17 points .

Musical Instrument

Written at 18:34 on Monday, May 24


Piano was the first instrument i wish to learn when i was young :D
in the end didn't learn how to play =.=
i don't even know how to read the musical notes @o@
whenever i want to play a short piece of a certain song,
i have to on the song and try finding the key on my toy keyboard :P
as i have bad memory, afraid that i will forgot which key to press ,
i paste a small piece of paper with numbers on the keyboard xD
recently i learnt how to play a small part of Lady Gaga - Paparazzi using the iTouch piano app. :D
going to learn Taeyoung - Wedding Dress next hehe ^^
i love Moonlight Sonata, Toccata & Fugue in D minor and Cannon in D .

Acoustic Guitar

my first ever instrument that i learned to play :D
took classes from CCK Community Centre :B
i'm still able to remember a few chords ^^
long time never practise already :/
i think my guitar out of tune already ):
shit! i don't have tuner T-T
if i got perfect pitch it would be a great help D:
after O Levels going to learn how to play Fukai Mori ):

Electric Guitar

if i managed to master acoustic guitar I AM GOING TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY ELECTRIC or maybe BASS :D
Aoi and Die's electric guitars all so chio DDDDDDDDD:
i don't really like flying-v .
was inspired to play by a lot of musicians .

Bass Guitar


i want to learn to play drums ):
going to self learn from the internet hehehe ^^
yishan said she's going to buy/customize a pair of drumsticks,
going with her when she is free .
have been "playing" drummania and taiko drum through youtube :B
well yeah, i'm still noob =.=
one of Kai's drum very chio :D


Written at 22:02 on Thursday, May 20

Singapore Sundown Festival 2010


Takeru [V]

Yuji [G]

Masato [G]

Chiyu [B]

Shinpei [D]




Date: 31st July 2010

Time: 8pm

Universal Studios Singapore®, Resorts World™ Sentosa

Performance duration:
Estimated 2.5hrs

Tickets *$118 available at SISTIC and Universal Studios Singapore Guest Services Windows (*Ticket price is exclusive of $3 SISTIC fee.) Free-Standing. Tickets are limited due to space constraint.

Tickets to Sundown Festival 2010 will be released on 24 May at SISTIC and Universal Studios Singapore Guest Services Windows. Tickets include admission to Universal Studios during the festival. Admission is at 8pm when the park closes.

Confirmed attendees:
Afterschool (K-pop)
F.cuz (K-pop)
SuG (J-rock)
L.M.C. (J-rock)
+ Asian Fashion parades & Harajuku Street Fashion

Sources taken from:

LM.C TOO !!!
my favorite band ^^
now i'm overwhelmed with joy, YAY YAY YAY~!
*runs around happily*
i want to see the Harajuku fashion show as well ):
OMG! I WANT TAKE PHOTOS OF SuG and the fashion show T_______________T


Acid Black Cherry - 優しい嘘 Yasashii Uso

Written at 16:17 on Wednesday, May 19

Acid Black Cherry - 優しい嘘 Yasashii Uso

Aishiteta...Yawarakana sono koe mo
Aishiteta...Sukoshi kuse no aru kami mo
Aishiteta...Awai kuriiro no hitomi mo
Aishiteru...Ima de mo mada aishiteru

Me wo tojiru to kimi ga waratte
Ano hi no you ni dakishimetakute
Kagayaiteta toki ga owari
Furimuite mo kimi wa inai

Yaketa kizuguchi ga mada itakute
Kimi no yasashii koe ga ima mo kodamashite
Sukoshi nakasete kudasai
"Sayounara" dare yori mo aishita hito

Aishiteta...Dare yori namida morokute
Aishiteta...Itazura ni sunetari shite
Aishiteta...Sunao janai yakimochi yaki
Aishiteru...Konna ni mo aishiteru no ni

"Daikirai" tte kimi ga waratte
Dakitsuku tabi itoshikunatte
Donna toki datte itsumo yasashisa to
Kuchizuke wo boku ni kureta

Nanoni "ai" ni naretekita boku wa
Kimi no yasashii uso mo atari mae ni natte
Boku wa tada wagamama ni
Hitori kimi wo okizari ni shitanda

Ano hi kimi ga namida wo koraete
"Kirai... Daikirai" tte furuete dakitsuita
Uso to wakatteta noni
Zurui boku wa kizukanai furi wo shitanda

Kimi ga tsuita saigo no uso
Kimi ga nagashita saigo no namida
Owari wo tsugeta yoake no mae
Mado no soto wa tsumetai ame

Ano hi kimi ga namida wo koraete
"Kirai... Daikirai" tte furuete dakitsuita
Uso to wakatteta noni
Zurui boku wa kizukanai furi wo shitanda

Yaketa kizuguchi ga mada itakute
Korede mou saigo no namida wo nagasu kara
Kyou dake nakasete kudasai
"Sayounara" dare yori mo aishita hito

Translated to English:

I loved you...and that gentle voice, too
I loved you...and your slightly wavy hair
I loved you...and your chestnut-colored eyes
I love you...even now, I still love you

When I close my eyes, you're laughing
Just like that day, I want to pull you close
Those beautifully happy times are over
Even looking back, you're not there

Those wounds that consumed me are still hurting
Your tender voice echoing, even now
Please, let me cry a little
"Goodbye" to the one I loved more than any other

I loved you...the one who cried more easily than anyone
I loved you...pouting when I got up to my old tricks
I loved you...your willful, blazing jealousy
I love you...even though I loved you like that, too

Saying "I hate you so much", you're laughing
When we embraced, you became dear to me
Even at those times, with your usual tenderness
You gave me a kiss

Even so, I got used to 'love'
Taking your tender lies for granted
Still so selfish
I abandoned you and left you all alone

That day, you held back your tears
I hate you...I really hate you, you said, pulling me into a trembling embrace
Even though I knew it was a lie
In my dishonesty I pretended I didn't notice that at all

You said it, that final lie
You shed them, those last tears
I told you it was over, before dawn
Outside the window, the cold rain

That day, you held back your tears
I hate you...I really hate you, you said, pulling me into a trembling embrace
Even though I knew it was a lie
In my dishonesty I pretended I didn't notice that at all

These wounds that consumed me are still hurting
Since these will be my last tears for you
Please, let me cry, just for today
"Goodbye" to the one I loved more than any other

(taken from jpopasia)

got back all of the papers except Social Studies and English Paper 1 .
even though i pass all of my subjects i'm still not happy with my results.
i only got B and C =.=
after getting the final results then post .
very disappointed with my Math and POA ,
a few more marks A2 already, sigh !!
i got hell lots of CARELESS mistakes =.=
Mathematics i lost 7 marks due to careless mistake =.=
all my workings correct, BUT i wrote 3 as 2 so the final answer wrong !!
matrix also !
damn it !@#$%^&*()
for Prelims and O levels must really study hard,
cannot slack already .


The Helix

Written at 19:50 on Saturday, May 15

Cheese Cake


Cold Rock @ 313

Liqing and Yishan KOWAIIII~!

random shot xD

the Helix abstract

i forgot to bring my tripod ):

Marina Bay Sands

meet Liqing and Yishan and we ate our lunch at Choa Chu Kang coffee shop .
after lunch went to Gombak MRT to meet Gwenda .
board the train to Somerset .
walked around 313 .
Gwenda bought sushi so went to find seats outside 313 .
i was bored so i started taking photos of them :D
went back into 313 and had ice-cream from Cold Rock .
the cheese cake ice-cream was delicious !
but it's expensive .____.
nowadays, i have been calling Yishan as chibi Yishan :B
walked to Heeren .
went to PunkStar, NEW T-SHIRTS !
all so nice T-T
went to Fourskin next .
walked to Far East and looked around .
around 6pm we walked to McCafe @ Shaw Tower .
ate the Horlicks Crunch McFlurry .
Liqing ordered sandwiches and coffee/hot chocolate .
Yishan ordered Oreo McFlurry .
from Orchard we walked all the way to Cityhall @_@
don't try this people, VERY TIRING xD
but with friends it's okay :D
bought dinner at Marina Square .
i forgot to search for the map for Helix =X
thanks to Gwenda she went around asking for directions .
when we reached the Helix it was super crowded .
we sat beside the floating platform .
i forgot to bring my tripod ):
cannot take the Helix DDDDDDDDDD:
never mind, next time come again :D
10pm+ we went home .

MYE Day 8

Written at 19:50 on Friday, May 14

Japan Mochi

Vistlip - Strawberry Butterfly
lyrics (romaji):

「oyasumi 。」
Nee mama
Itsumo no mo hanashi wo kikasete
Donna ANIME ya
donna DORAMU yori
suteki na EPISOODO

Harukaze ni nore
Kono kimochi ichiPAASENTO mo
amasu kotonaku todokimasu youni

Hitoriasobi no tokui na shounen wa
kouen no sumikko de suna no oshiro kara
katahou no te nobashiteita

Okiniiri no TEDI wo daite
gaitou no koumori ni naishobanashi
「sarawaretai no desu ka?」
SUKAATO fuwatte
yumemi nagara shoujo

「kimi no koto tabeteshimaitai.」
Ookamisan wa akazukin machikogare
「kunai... kunai」
Sakuran DAYS

Donna deaishitatte
shihai shitsuzukeru mahou kaketa
Yoso mishiteru jikan wa
ichibyou mo sonzai shinai
Nee sou desho?

Boku no daisuki na kimi ga
daisuki na subete wo
ai oshiku omotte
agetai no ni.. dekinai

“sakura” tte
KYUN tte suru you ni
natta ano koro

Hanabira no kazu dake 「suki.」
wo tobashite kimi ni te nobashiteru

「itsuka watashi ga nemuri hime ni natta toki naitekureru no wa dare?」

(sweet dreaming.)

「kimi ni taberarete
Akazukin wa ookamisan machikogare
「kunai kunai」
Sakuran DAYS


Boku no tonari hoshii nara ageru
Boku no kokoro hoshii nara ageru
Ue kara mesen de boku kara no RUURU
KISU de koroshiteyaru」

Aenai jikan ga
shinpai ya fuan wo umu to
iu no desho?
Sonna omoisasetakunai kara
PISUTORU wo tsukitsukemashita

「saa, otonashiku ryoute
Ima kara iu shitsumon ni
subete YES to kotaenasai.」

Nee mama
Kondo wa go hanashite ageru ne
Donna eiga ya donna shousetsu yori
suteki na EPISOODO

Harukaze ni nore
Koyoi nusunda MONO wa
hidari kusuriyubi to mirai to
HAATO no mittsu

Translated to English:

"Good night."
Hey Mama
As always let us talk
Any animation or
More drama
Sword nice episode

Get in the spring breeze
This feeling is also 1%
To reach without being fully

The boy is good at playing alone
From sand castles in the corner of the park
One hand was stretched

With a favorite teddy
The secret story of a street light bat
"You want to be touched?"
Fuwa I skirt
Dreamy girl

"I want to eat you Shima."
Red wolf is eagerly looking forward
"... Come. ... Come."
DAYS confusion

What kind of meeting
Put magic continue to dominate
S time to look around
Second, there is no
Hey you know?

You are my favorite
I love all
And dear thinking
I want ... I can not

"Cherry" What
The Shichu Ation
Feel something like
That time was
Petals as many "love." To
I extend to you skipping hand
"The Sleeping Beauty, who was crying at what time I asked the question"

(Sweet dreaming)

"You have eaten
That makes me. "
The Red Wolf's Persuasion
"... Come. ... If that comes."
DAYS confusion

"Oh ...."

If you want to give my next
If you want to give my heart
Looking over the rules from my
"I arrive floating
I'll kill you with a kiss. "

Meet time
Worry and anxiety and
Would say?
From such thoughts do not want
Tsukitsukemashita a pistol.

"Now, quiet hands
Oh and your members.
The question now say
Please answer all YES. "

Hey Mama
Now I'm going to tell us
Than any movie or any novel
Nice episode

Get in the spring breeze
Evening stole something today
And left ring finger and the future
Three of Hearts

(taken from Jpopasia)

very sian, went to school just for Paper 3 =.=
just for 30minutes !
we went to McDonald for breakfast .
Yishan and Amanda came to find us after their exams .
left McDonald the others went home,
Gwenda, Tricia, Yishan and I went to West Mall .
around 12pm++ we went home .
chiong my drama and anime :D
after Little nyonya, i'm going to watch lijimae.
i'm out of anime again @_@
that day i re-watched a few episodes of Kuroshitsuji :D
Monoshitsuji airing soon .
i'm an OTAKU :D
tomorrow going out :D